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Brampton Parish Councillors, and their contact details, are as follows:

Councillor  Address  Telephone  Portrait 
Mr D Moorat, Chair 16 Capon Hill, Brampton CA8 1QJ 016977 2802
Mrs J Errington 33 Howard Road, Brampton CA8 1BH 016977 41602  
Mrs C Bell Moatwood, 1 Earl Grey Cottages, The Sands, Brampton CA8 1EJ 07841 824961  
Mr J Harding Hillcrest, Longtown Road, Brampton CA8 1AN 016977 2468
Mr I Pennington 11 Allason Close, Brampton CA8 1ED 016977 41739
Mr R Wood 94 Dacre Road, Brampton, CA8 1BP 016977 42137  
Mr K Read-Bone Litle Acorn, Oak Park, Brampton CA8 1TP 016977 42258
Mrs J Thompson Windarra, Capon Tree Road, Brampton CA8 1QL 016977 3950  
Ms G Tankard   07483 276330  
Mr O Ramshay 25 Dacre Road, Brampton CA8 1BW  07930 078318  
Mr W Nixon 8 Irthing Park, Brampton CA8 1EB    

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