Cemetery Contact Details

Allison Riddell – 016977 3382.
Unit 2, The Old Brewery, Craw Hall, Brampton CA8 1TR

Cemetery Groundsman
Stephen Hillary – 07990 737206

Brampton Cemetery

Brampton Cemetery

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Regulations for the management of the burial ground for the burial area of the civil parish of Brampton:

Guidance Notes

These notes are intended as a guidance as to the rules governing graves and their purchase, what may and what may not be placed on or planted in grave spaces and the permitted size of gravestones. They are not a definitive statement of the Regulations, a copy of which may be obtained from the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Gravestones, Memorials, etc.

The Parish Council’s prior written permission is required for:-

  • The placing or erection of gravestones, memorials, flower planters, etc. If permission is not obtained the Parish Council will instruct its employees to remove the object or materials.
  • Inscriptions on any gravestones, memorials or other objects
  • Any work, including repairs to gravestones, etc. which is to be undertaken in the cemetery

The maximum size for a gravestone, including the plinth, on an ordinary grave is:

  • 3 feet 6 inches high (1070 mm) measured from the ground
  • 2 feet 6 inches (760 mm) wide; and
  • 12 inches (300 mm) deep.

The maximum size is the same for a grave in which cremated remains are buried. Horizontal gravestones will not normally be permitted, if they exceed the above dimensions.

Normally memorials will be of stone but other materials may be permitted at the discretion of the Parish Council. There are no rules as to the shape of form of the gravestone or memorial and consent will normally only be refused if the gravestone is larger than the permitted size, or if its form or the inscription is likely, in the opinion of the Parish Council, to cause offence.

You, or the sculptor who is to make the gravestone on your behalf, should ensure that it and the inscription are acceptable before commencing any work on the gravestone. Permission will not be given for the erection of gravestones which do not comply with the Parish Council’s requirements and gravestones which have been erected without prior written consent will be removed. All gravestones and memorials must be kept in good order and repair by the owner of the grave space or relatives of the deceased(s). Where the owners have not done so after having been given notice by the Council, the Council may repair gravestones and hold the owners and/or relatives liable for the cost. No repairs or alterations to gravestones or memorials may be carried out without the permission of the Parish Council.


Any flowers must be placed in a container on the gravestone, not on the grave. No trees, shrubs, flowers, or plants may be planted on or in the grave. This includes plants in containers, pots, troughs, etc. An exception may be made for the planting of spring bulbs which will have died back before grass cutting work begins. The consent of the Parish Council is required for the planting of bulbs.

Grave Spaces

The enclosure of graves with kerbs, fences, or walls, etc. is not permitted. The cemetery is a lawn cemetery and free access for grass cutting machinery must be preserved at all times. Free access is also required for burials in adjoining graves and nothing, other than wreaths, should be placed on top of a grave. The Parish Council’s staff will remove any unauthorised urns, planters, etc. and other materials.

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