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Brampton Parish Council is a locally elected body of 15 voluntary councillors who make decisions on the management and use of various assets owned and/or controlled by the Parish Council. They ensure that money allocated for local use through taxation is efficiently spent in the interests of the parish. The Council is the lowest tier of local government.

The Parish Council can also act as a voice for the community by helping to channel any community concern regarding major developments to the correct authorities and also works alongside community groups. In addition to the monthly meeting of the full council, there are two standing committees which regularly meet to discuss and decide upon the various issues affecting the community. The committees are:-

  • Property and Environment
  • Finance and General Purposes.

In addition to this there are two Working Groups who meet as and when required, they are:-

  • Cemetery Working Group and Footpaths
  • Rights of Way Working Group.

Other Working Parties are also created to undertake particular projects such as the Christmas Lights, Diamond Jubilee celebrations and Community Plan Initiative. Councillors also represent the Parish Council on various outside bodies and local community groups.

The Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors are elected unpaid volunteers. Only the Chairman can receive payment, a statutory yearly allowance of a few hundred pounds to cover expenses. Councillors are elected for a four year term of office to serve and administer for the needs of the residents of Brampton. In the event of a vacancy occurring, a new member is elected or co-opted until the next full election.

The Parish Councillors determine and set policy to cater for the social, cultural welfare and environmental needs of Brampton residents and employ a Clerk to the Council to implement policy decisions. All Councillors adhere to the Council Code of Conduct and complete a Register of Interests. Being a Parish Councillor is not only a rewarding and educational pastime, it is a good introduction to local government. If you would like to know more about Parish Councils or becoming a Parish Councillor click here.

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